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We defend good people accused of bad things

Cleveland Metro Criminal Defense Attorney

Fortress Law Group, LLC represents clients who need a comprehensive defense
strategy for juvenile crimes, misdemeanors, and felonies.
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Cleveland Appeals Attorney

If a trial court convicted you of a criminal offense, but you believe your case deserves re-evaluation, contact our experienced appeals attorney in Cleveland, OH. At Fortress Law Group, we help good people accused of bad things navigate the criminal justice system. We can examine your case, protect your legal rights, and help you get your life back.

Call us at (216) 304-5444 today to schedule a consultation with Matthew C. Bangerter, appeals lawyer in Cleveland, Ohio.

Appeals Lawyer in Cleveland, OH

Possible grounds for appealing an OVI, theft, or other criminal conviction include insufficient or inadmissible evidence, unlawful court proceedings, or a disproportionate sentence.

Appeals can be tricky, and not all criminal defense lawyers know how to handle an appeal properly. As a former prosecutor, Cleveland attorney Matthew Bangerter has a wealth of experience with courts of appeals. He knows which legal strategy has the highest odds of leading to a successful appeal.

Attorney Bangerter and the rest of our legal team can:

  • Scrutinize your case for any police misconduct or failure to follow legal procedure
  • Examine the evidence against you and challenge it, if possible
  • Argue for a less severe sentence
  • Assist you with record expungement

An appeal can prevent an unjust sentence from destroying your future. Contact our law firm today to find out whether you have grounds for appeal.

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Cleveland Appeals Lawyer
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Cleveland is a city of rich historical heritage, diverse culture, and a booming economy. With impressive cityscapes, an emphasis on environmental protection, and plenty of recreation, education, and business opportunities, Cleveland is one of the most promising locations in the Great Lakes area.

We are proud to serve the Cleveland community by offering trusted legal representation to people looking for an appeals attorney in Cleveland, OH.

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Complete the form if you’re looking for the best Northeast Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney. As a former Assistant Prosecutor in Lake County, Ohio, Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew C. Bangerter, Founder of Fortress Law Group, LLC, has experience with prosecutors' strategies. In addition, his scientific background gives him an edge when evaluating forensic evidence. Contact us today for a case evaluation with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney.

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Whether you’re charged with a DUI, misdemeanor, or felony, the prospect of facing trial is stressful. Worse, there’s also the possibility of jail time if things don’t go well for you in court. To help you face these legal adversities, you need an attorney who can work on an effective defense strategy and make sure your civil rights are upheld throughout the process. A Willoughby criminal appeals attorney at Fortress Law Group, LLC provides clients with comprehensive legal representation from trial to appeal, if needed.
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